Eric Reyes

Finding the right Sarasota or Port Charlotte attorney is important. Not only must they be skilled, they must also show compassion and show you they truly care about your case. If you need legal advice, you want to seek out a professional who you can trust and will be there when you need them.

Areas of Practice

The Law Office of Eric A. Reyes and its staff of highly skilled and well qualified attorneys are available to help you whenever you need them. They are well versed in family law and the many types of cases that deal with divorce, child support, domestic violence, and child visitation & child support. They also handle guardianship cases and the drafting of Last Wills and Testaments.

While other types of cases are handled through the office, Reyes and his staff understand that family law requires a special kind of diligence and care. They have the knowledge and experience to be able to provide their customers with the best possible service at an extremely affordable price. We serve clients throughout Sarasota, Port Charlotte and Manatee Counties.

Attorney Eric Reyes, P.A.

As a local attorney, Eric Reyes takes great pride in serving the community. He provides family law services to clients who rely on him to help them get through difficult situations. Whether it be a difficult divorce or the guardianship of an elderly family member who can no longer care for themselves, each of his clients gets his undivided attention and the support of his genuinely helpful staff.

The Law Office of Eric A. Reyes has earned a solid reputation as being client oriented with affordable rates and a knowledgeable staff. There are offices located throughout the Gulf Coast region that offer services to Port Charlotte, Manatee and Sarasota as well as numerous other towns and cities. The staff members at each of the law offices remain dedicated to making sure each client is satisfied with the legal services they receive.

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