Port Charlotte Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence laws in Florida are in place to help protect victims. As a Charlotte domestic violence attorney, we understand that not all domestic violence victims are spouses or partners. Domestic violence can be directed at children, the elderly and even other family members. Unfortunately, statistically, there are more than 100,000 domestic violence incidents annually across the state.

When to contact a Sarasota Domestic Violence Attorney

The term domestic violence is used to describe abuse where violence is threatened, where physical violence has occurred and may also be used in instances where sexual abuse has occurred. In general, domestic violence laws cover victims who are known to their abusers through relationships such as:

  • Domestic partners – including heterosexual and homosexual couples whether married or living together as well as people who have dated an abuser.
  • Divorced or separated spouses – whether you are currently divorced or separated, you may still be a victim of domestic violence either through direct physical abuse or threats of violence.
  • Children and parents of abusers – children and the elderly are often victimized by family members or caretakers. They have the right to be represented by a Manatee domestic violence lawyer in much the same manner as any other victim of domestic violence.

When to contact the Law Office of Eric A. Reyes

It is never easy to admit to being a victim of domestic violence and unfortunately, thousands of victims feel that abuse is a one-time incident. This is seldom the case, in fact all too often, abusers behavior accelerates and can lead to even more dangerous situations. If you have been struck or threatened by someone whom you’ve been involved in a relationship with, you should call our offices immediately. We can help in a number of ways including:

  • Filing criminal charges – when necessary, we can help you file criminal charges against your abuser
  • Obtaining restraining orders – restraining orders are available to allow law enforcement to intervene if your abuser approaches you
  • Sue abuser for damages – when you have to move, suffer bodily injury or need ongoing psychological care, your abuser should be held financially responsible

No one should have to suffer abuse at the hands of another person and if you are one of the thousands of Florida domestic violence victims, Attorney Eric Reyes, P.A. is here to help protect your rights under the law.

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